Railway technicians: the training is in port

Polyvalent technicians, certified and recognized at European level. This is the goal of ITS Marco Polo.

Today, thanks to a Ministry of Education and Veneto Region grant of 112 thousand euro, the first Italian course for mobility technicians -who are also trained to acquire the necessary qualifications to carry out security tasks such as that of future train drivers- has been launched.  
The course - lasting two years with 944 hours of internship at transport companies operating in national rail infrastructure, 312 theory hours, 288 practice hours and 364 laboratory hours - is implemented in cooperation with FerCargo, an association that brings together 16 active Italian private railway companies operating in the freight sector. The 23 students (almost all recently graduated) are following lessons to achieve the title of  "high  level  railway  transport  management  and  operations  technician", a multipurpose technical features European license and driver certifications (the most precious and requested), trainer, manoeuvring operator and verifier. The certificates will be issued following a special examination by the ANSF (National Agency for the Safety of Railways) Commission and, in February/March 2018,  participants will be ready to enter the work world by collaborating with leading industry companies that
are committed to hire all graduated students. The course is one of the ITS Marco Polo Foundation activities, founded in November 2015  and  promoted  by  CFLI  (the  training  organization  of  the  Port  of  Venice)  and authorized by the Veneto Region; an educational organization that aims to train the future experts in the field of sustainable mobility in the port and airport systems. An unique experience on the Italian territory that is part of the new alternative degree paths planned by the Ministry of Education.