Railroad access

The Port of Venice is served by an internal railroad network of 200 km. It has its own marshalling yard and is connected to the main international railroad corridors. The Venice Port Authority plans to extend its internal railway system as a means to support intermodal and sustainable transport.

The port's railroad network

The Port of Venice is served by an internal railroad network that stretches for over 45 km.

The rail tracks reach the different terminals and also run along the quayside. The tracks serve both commercial and industrial traffic in the Marghera cargo port.

The Marghera railroad yard

The Marghera railroad yard connects the Port of Venice to the main international railway network through the Venice-Mestre station. Trains are allowed to stand or transit through the Marghera railroad yard after loading/unloading operations.

Connections to main international railway lines

Trains can easily reach the main European destinations from the Port of Venice. Trains travel in four main directions: Venice–Milan–Turin–Lione; Venice–Udine–Tarvisio–Vienna; Venice–Padua–Bologna–Rome; Venice–Trieste–Ljubljana–Budapest.

Extension of the railroad network

Welcoming the European policy aimed at enhancing railroad freight transport, the Port of Venice plans to develop and modernise its internal railroad network. Initiatives, either already in progress or planned, include:

  • the extension of the Marghera freight yard (9+7 tracks supporting up to 40 trains/day);
  • the electrification of the second track entering the Railway Station of Venice Mestre;
  • the construction of a new direct link between the Chemical Peninsula of Fusina and the Venice-Milan line to bypass the Mestre station;
  • a second track to add to the existing one in via dell’Elettronica to support the Motorways of the Seas Terminal;

the construction of a Railroad Park serving the new container terminal and the Distripark to be erected in the area formerly occupied by the Montefibre plant.

Railroad access to the Port of Venice
Railroad access to the Port of Venice