Project to upgrade the railway infrastructure in the Port of Venice district


The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority is drawing up the final plan for a new railway bridge in Marghera that will connect the western part of the port area to the Venice Marghera-Scalo railway station.

The bridge will reduce interference with the road network, remove interference with the Mestre railway station, shorten the distance travelled by shunting trains and lessen the environmental impact of the railway infrastructure as a whole. The work is part of the European project “VENETO INTERMODAL” which is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility programme.

Promoted and coordinated by Interporto Quadrante Europa of Verona, the project involves three priority transport nodes in the Veneto Region – namely, the port of Venice and the freight villages in Padua and Verona – and looks at the integration and interconnection of the 3 hubs in the TEN-T network through specific measures aimed at improving railway accessibility and "last mile" connections.