The President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority

Pino Musolino, President of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, was born in Venice in 1978. He graduated in 2006 in Law at the University of Bologna and completed an LLM in "International Commercial and Maritime Law" at the University of Wales, Swansea, in 2010.
From April 2018 he is an affiliated member of the Erasmus China Business Centre of the Rotterdam School of Management - Erasmus University.

From May 2018 he is the Chairman of the European Chapter of the Global Institute of Logistics, a think-tank of logisticians and professionals who act as a global knowledge network committed to supporting the Institute's mission of contributing to the resolution of legacy challenges in global logistics

From 2017 he is a board member of AIVP (Worldwide Network of Port Cities), the only international organisation that, for 30 years, has been bringing together all the public and private development stakeholders in port cities.

Until March 2017, he worked as Corporate Insurance Risk Manager for the Middle East area at Hapag-Lloyd, based in Singapore,  with the tasks of managing, coordinating and controlling all cargo and P&I claims, and coordinating the loss prevention management of the area.

From 2012 to 2016 he worked as Senior Claims Manager and Average Adjuster at Atlantis International Services NV, in Antwerp, in charge of providing legal advices and counsel on international transport claims, with a particular emphasis on cargo claims, P&I claims, H&M claims and GA and Salvage casualties.

Between 2011 and 2012 he worked as Sales and Contracts Manager at Mechel Service Belgium BVBA in Antwerp, a multinational leading in the production and sale of steel and ore materials. Here he dealt with the development and expansion of the Spanish, Portuguese and Scandinavian markets. He was also responsible for planning and supervising sales, organizing the logistic chain and providing a full customer-oriented service.

From 2018 he is a Member of the AIDIM, the Italian Association of Maritime Law.
From 2015 he is an Associate Member of the  Association of Average Adjusters - United Kingdom
From 2014 he is a member of Belgische Vereniging voor Zeerecht.

Pino Musolino, new president of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority
Pino Musolino, new president of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority