Port&Industries at the Port of Venice


Venice 11 November 2016  200 eighth-grade students from Venice area filled the port quays, terminals and buildings during “Port&Industries”, a national initiative sponsored by Confindustria – the Italian confederation of industries owners – to make young people aware of the port businesses through a tour of the companies.

“The Port of Venice has promptly accepted Confindustria’s (Venice district) proposal to receive these young students to show them our port and, above all, the port careers, stated the President of the Port Authority, Paolo Costa.

“The vocational training of young people, especially in the logistic field, is a sector we have always invested in with remarkable outcomes. Back eighteen years ago we set up the Venice Port Authority’s training centre - CFLI - to train all the logistic port workers and professionals, from manpower to executive power.

Last September the Marco Polo Technical College - one of the few European Colleges providing port and airport courses – started second-year classes. The college allows young people fast hiring while providing the operators of the Port of Venice (terminal operators, couriers, shipping agents and logistic companies of the Province in general) with a wide range of high-skilled workers. Today we welcome eighth-grade students to raise their awareness of this great and complicated business area of the Port of Venice and to encourage the students to reflect on their future choices. We hope to see many of them as future freight forwarders, shipping agents, terminal operators, in other words tomorrow’s Port professionals”.

The Port Community’s enthusiasm made it possible to organize 6 different tours allowing all the students to discuss with those who deal with ships’ and goods’ arrival and departure every day. CFLI organized a workshop and a visit of 2 maritime agencies located on the waterfront (Tositti e Bassani), so students gained a detailed knowledge of the port professions. The classes touring Porto Marghera had the opportunity to visit the Venice Customs – welcoming a group of student for the first time ever – and 3 terminals: Vecon with regards to containers, Multiservice as a multipurpose terminal and Grandi Molini Italiani as an example of an industrial terminal. The Port Authority welcomed the 50 students in the “Port Committee Hall” to take them on a guided tour on board, up the tourist and commercial port canals.