Plans and Programs


In this section you will find information on existing and future Port Management Plans, on the existing Plan Agreements and on the Three-year Operational Plans of the Venice Port Authority.

The Port Management Plan

Since the Porto Marghera Port Management Plan dates back to 1964 (click here to see the layout plan) while the Cruise Terminal Port Management Plan dates back to 1908 (click here to see the layout plan), and with the necessity to adopt development-planning tools in line with the current needs, the Port Authority has set the target to start prepare the new Port of Venice Management Plan.
The preparation of such plan will also include the performance of analyses and studies (which have already been partly started or completed by the competent offices) in the following fields:

  • economic-employment-demand study;
  • functional-morphological analysis of areas, buildings and infrastructures: on the basis of the measurements and updated cartographies, a number of useful analyses will be carried out to contextualize the main port development-planning problems and to define the various possible degrees of transformation of systems and infrastructures;
  • analysis of the nautical accessibility in relation to the worldwide fleet and the port characteristics;
  • land transport analysis, including an analysis on the road system and one on railway transport;
  • analysis of infrastructural, environmental, historical-monumental, landscape constraints;
  • development-planning analysis to make sure it matches with the existing plans and programmes;
  • environmental-strategic and sustainable-development evaluation, in relation to the ecosystem where the port is located and the environmental policy of the Port Authority;
  • preparation of a report on port safety (under art.5 paragraph 5 of Law 84/1994) in order to determine the risks of major accident.

The Port Authority also intends to involve the Universities and, as from now, the High Council of Public Works.
The Port Management Plan may also be crucial to bring together Institutions, Public Authorities, private companies and citizens to share common strategies in order to overcome the current phase of economic and employment crisis and in a view to bring the port closer to the city and vice-versa.

Click here to read the report on the Porto Marghera Port Management Plan of 1965;
Click here to read the report on the Venice City Centre Port Management Plan of 1908.

The plan agreements

The sharing of common development objectives among different Authorities, which from a legal perspective have jurisdiction on the Lagoon, on Venice and on Porto Marghera, has been successfully implemented over the years thanks to the Plan Agreement under art. 15 of Law 291/90. Such a tool boosted the implementation of major local works (from the new Fusina terminal , to the infrastructural strengthening of the port southern area as part of the works of environmental re-qualification of the Malcontenta hub).  
As mentioned earlier, in the coming years the works as established by the Moranzani Agreement” will also be completed. It will be crucial to implement the ”Agreement for the reclamation activities of Porto Marghera signed in 2012 which will eventually allow for a streamlining of the authorization process of reclamation activities in Porto Marghera and for the conversion/re-qualification of current or future economic activities.
For the Port Authority it will be extremely important to refurbish the first part of the MonteSyndial area to be designed for logistic-port activities.

Three-year Operational Plans

The Three-year Operational Plan is a planning document that is prepared every three years and reviewed every year. It defines the development strategies of port activities and the works to ensure that such objectives are achieved.

2013-2015 Three-year Operational Plan. First update

2013-2015 Three-year Operational Plan.

2008-2011 Three-year Operational Plan.

UNESCO Management Plan

Click here to view an abstract of the Management Plan