Port Authority, Harbourmaster, Health Office, Customs, Law enforcement Agencies.
Port Authority, Harbourmaster, Health Office, Customs, Law enforcement Agencies.

The institutions in the Port of Venice.

Other institutions


Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza)

The Finance Police works to prevent and fight tax evasion and other violations of the tax law. It also monitors compliance to national provisions on issues of political/economic importance and oversees compliance to financial regulations at sea.

It also contributes to maintaining public order and safety, and guards the national borders.

Since its origins, the Guardia di Finanza's major institutional role has been monitoring compliance to finance laws. From fighting tax evasion its tasks were gradually broadened to include all crimes that undermine Italy’s and European Union's accounts (financial area) and economy (economic area).

In Ports, the Guardia di Finanza works with other law enforcement bodies to ensure safety and security.

Border police (Polizia di frontiera)

The border police is a local branch of the Ministry of the Interior with specific tasks associated to overseeing the borders and contributing to keeping law and order and public safety.

It ensures compliance to laws, regulations and ordinances issued by local authorities.


The Italian Customs Agency reports directly to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It is legally established as a public body and is in charge of controlling goods entering or exiting the national borders, either transported by travellers or arriving as cargo.