NAPA ports general assembly: Trieste at the head of NAPA, total container growth +9%

Monfalcone and Chioggia Ports enter the NAPA association

Trieste 12th January - At the General assembly meeting of NAPA, held on 12th January in Trieste, the presidents, taking stock of the results achieved so far, reaffirmed the intention to continue common activities focused mainly on promotional and institutional field.

The 2014 have been apositive year fot all Napa Ports that signs an overall growth of +9% on container traffic (1.835.960 teus) in comparison with the same period of 2013, it is indicative of the success of the cooperation strategy between the North Adriatic ports, a strategy that allows a growth of +43% since 2010 (foundation year).

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Assemblea generale dei porti NAPA
Napa Assembly