MEDPorts General Assembly in Venice

Date: 17/12/2019

On the 17th of December the MEDPorts General Assembly was held at the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority in Venice.

The MEDports Association aims at creating a new area of collaboration, production and exchange between the Mediterranean ports on common issues; at the same time, the Association works to promote the Mediterranean basin at international level as the platform connected - and able to connect - Asia, Africa and Europe. The MEDports Association counts 24 members representing about the 70% of the total traffic of the Mediterranean ports.

The meeting consolidates the Port of Venice as a leading player in the discussion on the future of maritime trade and technological and environmental innovation in the port area. "MedPorts is a great opportunity for all the Mediterranean ports because it recognizes the economic and commercial centrality of this basin"said Pino Musolino, North Adriatic Sea Port Authority President.Green and Connected Ports - Green C Ports