The 2018 CEF Program call for proposals approved the VENETO INTERMODAL project promoted and coordinated by Interporto Quadrante Europa of Verona, which involves the Veneto Region, the Italian Railway Network and the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (ports of Venice and Chioggia - NASPA) as partners.

The general framework of the project is set by the Transport Plan of the Veneto Region, with particular reference to its part relating to freight and logistics. The project aims to optimize the integration of the 3 regional priority nodes (port of Venice, RRT of Padua and Verona) within the TEN-T network, in particular the Mediterranean, Baltic-Adriatic and Scandinavian-Mediterranean priority Corridors crossing the regional territory, through actions (mainly designs) aimed at improving rail accessibility and strengthening the "last mile" connections.

In particular, the total budget of the project is over € 4 million and the activities will be completed by the end of 2021. NASPA plans to carry out the detailed and final of a new railway connection in the commercial port of Marghera to connect the South-Western part of the port network with the Marghera Scalo train station. The total amount available is € 865,000, 50% co-financed.

The project “kick-off meeting” will take place in Verona on 7 May 2019 at Confindustria Verona headquarters and will consist of a workshop focused on intermodal transport at regional level, divided into 2 sessions:

  • Presentation of the project: the four project partners will present the activities planned for the development of the last railway mile in the regional nodes.
  • The intermodal transport market and regional prospective: planned interventions by Mercitalia, Grimaldi, Codognotto.