The Port of Venice invests in Human Capital.
The Port of Venice invests in Human Capital.

The Port of Venice, with the activities linked to it, employs 18,000 people.


About 17,000 workers are employed within the port of Venice. The Venice Port Authority believes in its human capital, and has founded two training centres that teach and conduct studies on specific areas of interest.

The Port of Venice's employment footprint

The Port of Venice is an important resource in its territory's economy: Its relevance can be gathered from the number of companies operating with their employees within the port.

A recent survey recorded 1,178 companies employing 16,886 people. They work in various operating sectors (e.g. services to ship and cargo) and in different locations (Marittima and Marghera).

Download the PDF with the survey's provisional results at the bottom of the page.


People, the strategic asset of the Future Port

The Port's economy is driven by the numerous companies that supply services to ships, passengers and maritime crew, and cargo-related operations.

The port of Venice, including associated industries, generates 21,000 workplaces, broken down as follows:

  • 786    employed in port companies;
  • 393  employed in specialised service providers complementing and supporting port activities;
  • 106    employed in the company supplying skilled port workers;
  • 195    employed in services of general interest;
  • 224    employed in technical and nautical companies;
  • 651    employed in companies listed under Art. 68 of the Navigation Code;
  • 90      employed in companies providing collateral services;
  • 500    employed by agents, forwarding agents and shipbrokers;
  • 470    employed in Entities and other services;
  • 3,400 directly or indirectly employed by Fincantieri;
  • 250    employed in the Venice freight village.
Job in the terminal
Job in the terminal
Job in the terminal
Job in the terminal