Green Week 2019


On Tuesday 26th February, the Port of Venice hosts the open day of the project “Green Week – Fabbriche della Sostenibilità” (Sustainability Factories), an outstanding opportunity to learn more about the Port of Venice, not only as a locally relevant economic reality, but also as an environmental protection and progress bearer.

The commitment to social and environmental issues has been distinguishing the Port of Venice for many years, leading to the achievement of the UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004 certification for the environmental management system back in 2012, from then on always reconfirmed and conformed to the new regulations in 2018.

A commitment that has resulted in investments aimed at guaranteeing high environmental performances and tangible results in terms of land and port channels remediation, energy saving, air protection, redevelopment of port areas.
The "green" strategy of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, following the common sustainability principles, aims at increasingly improving the compatibility between development and environmental protection, thanks to pioneering solutions and technological innovations already underway.

Four excellences of the Port of Venice are involved in the inaugural session of the Green Week on 26 February, hence demonstrating the “green” commitment of the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority.
The study tour at the Port of Venice is dedicated to researchers and experts in the environmental field, who will discover the "Venice Green Innovation Hub" in two phases: an outdoor technical tour, in cooperation with Venezia Terminal Passeggeri and ENI Biorefinery, aimed at visiting sites subject to reconversion, remediation and innovative solutions carried out at the Port of Venice; an indoor session held by Venice LNG and Venezia Heritage Tower, in order to detail projects and scientific data.

Green Week 2019
Green Week 2019