Green Port Initiative: The Adriatic Ionian Tyrrhenian and Malta Regatta


The 23rd edition of the “Adriatic Ionian Tyrrhenian and Malta Regatta”, a major sailing event organised by Assonautica Nazionale, was an opportunity for the Venice Port Authority to highlight the port's commitment to sustainability by supporting the initiative launched by the Venetian Captain Pietro Tosi, a Venetianman, to promote sustainable shipping in Venice.

Indeed the Port of Venice is not simply a major port of call for large commercial and passenger ships: it also invests to attract leisure boats while upholding a strong commitment towards the environment.

In the 50 legs of the race, the Captain will exhibit a range of electric marine motors that have already been tested in the Venice lagoon.

He has already sailed almost 10,000 miles in the Mediterranean on board his vessel to raise the awareness of people and the industry alike on the use of electrically powered boats.