Global Safety Day Euroports 2020 - Live Broadcast Edition


In line with the annual tradition, Euroports Group, operating at the Port of Venice with its bulk company "Terminal Rinfuse Venezia", celebrated once again the traditional Global Security Day, the ILO's World Day for Safety and Health at Work, without being hampered by the difficult situation due to the current health emergency.

On 28 April, Euroports organized a different version of the traditional event, during which the group's top management speak to employees and collaborators of all Euroports offices located worldwide. This year the event was held through three live broadcasts, dedicated to three different groups of time zones, in order to offer all the venues the opportunity to attend the initiative.

Safety and health at work were the focus of the speeches held by CEO, COO and QHSE Manager, who used the Covid-19 pandemic and the changes it brought to everyone's lives as a metaphor and food for thought, in order to deal with workplace safety issues from a current point of view and with a look to the future.

The actual pandemic was discussed, taking the opportunity to focus on prevention and hygiene practices to keep at home and at work, providing an overview of the next stages of the emergency management.

The speakers draw attention also to the best practices implemented by the terminals and to port operations carried out in safety, and concluded the initiative with the formal launch of the Euroports Line-of-Fire Safety Campaign.

Global Safety Day Euroports 2020
Global Safety Day Euroports 2020