Functional adaption of both road and rail networks in the stretch Malcontenta - Fusina of "Via dell'Elettronica" in the Porto of Marghera – Venice (2008-IT-91407-P)


This action involved the strenghtening and developing of the existing road and rail infrastructure connecting the new Fusina Ro-Ro terminal with the main  national and local road and rail networks, in order to enhance  interconnections of the Fusina area and achieve a better quality of service in terms of capacity, frequency, safety, environmental protection, quality and cost in response to the market expectations.

The project specifically:

  • widened the existing road by constructing two new  lanes to enhance the connections of the Fusina area with the national A4 highway situated on Corridor V;
  • doubled the existing railway by constructing two new tracks to improve the connections of the Fusina area Ro-Ro terminal with the national railway network.

Period: from 01/12/2008 to 31/12/2011
Project total budget: € 2.700.000

From 01/01/2012, the completion of the works were co-funded by EU contribution managed by the Veneto Region, for a total amount of € 5.037.500.