Expression of interest for direct award

Expression of interest for direct award (Legislative Decree no. 50/2016, art. 36). Maritime Signaling for the access to the ports of Venice and Chioggia: state of the art assesment and indications for optimization and rationalization. CIG Z851E17165

The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, ports of Venice and Chioggia, in accordance with the other competent institutions, intends to entrust a professional appointment for the evaluation of the maritime signaling system for access to the ports of Venice and Chioggia.

The study consists of a first phase aimed to develop an assessment on the current signaling system, verifying the status and characteristics of lighthouse, lights, beacons, navigation aids and similar. Comparing the correspondence with the official nautical charts.
A second phase aimed to define the optimal maritime signaling layout based on international standards, IALA standards and best practices also considering the technological innovations of the signaling, of navigation aids, as well as the complementarity with the electronic signaling.
The assignment will last for four months and the expected maximum amount is € 39,000 and will be a result of market survey.

Economic operators interested in participating in the market survey can express their interest by 5 May 2017 by notice sent by certified mail (PEC) at:
The notification must contain the attached application form, duly completed and signed and a curriculum of the economic operator interested in the procedure.
More information can be requested by email to the technical manager ing. Paolo Menegazzo
The sole procedure manager is cap. Antonio Revedin director of Strategic Planning and Development department.

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