At the top end of the Adriatic sea. At the intersection of the main European tra
At the top end of the Adriatic sea. At the intersection of the main European transport corridors and of the Motorways of the Sea.

The Port of Venice is in a position to act as the European gateway for trade flows to and from Asia.

European Projects


The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority (NASPA), in pursuing its development objectives for the ports of Venice and Chioggia, intends to take advantage of the funding opportunities offered by the European Commission. This activity has allowed the Authority to successfully participate in calls for tenders for the 2014/2020 Programming period of the TEN-T (now Connecting Europe Facility), Horizon 2020, European Territorial Cooperation programmes and the ERDF ROP of the Veneto Region, obtaining, from 2014 to date, European grants for over 36 million euros.

These are important financial resources for the implementation of the strategic projects that the Authority has included in its Three-Year Operational Programme (POT) and, in general, to increase the competitiveness, sustainability and efficiency of the lagoon airports. The non-repayable funds obtained support both the implementation of infrastructural interventions, such as the strengthening of rail and road connections and maritime accessibility, and the carrying out of activities, studies and analyses in support of the port development strategies, such as the promotion of the use of alternative fuels (e.g. Liquid Natural Gas or LNG).

Currently there are 26 projects co-funded by the European Union under the management of the Strategic Planning and Development Department, supporting NASPA strategic relations with Authorities, Institutions and other port stakeholders at national and European level, allowing the ports of Venice and Chioggia to be part of an "European network" of excellence.

The European Commission has in fact officially recognised the port of Venice as core player of the European Union transport, including it in the list of core seaports of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T), as defined by EU Regulation 1315/2013, and in the pre-identified sections of the Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean priority Corridors established by EU Regulation 1316/2013. Moreover, the Port of Chioggia is included in the list of the Comprehensive seaport and inland port of the TEN-T Network.

2014-2020 European Projects

2007-2013 Euopean Projects