ESPO Award 2017

Il Porto di Venezia partecipa anche quest’anno al premio ESPO per l’integrazione sociale dei porti (ESPO Award on Societal Integration of Ports), giunto quest’anno alla nona edizione.

Other 12 European ports have been admitted to the competition, each with its own project for the integration between port and city, this year focused on the cultural involvement of the ports. "Art and Cultural involvement of the port" is the leading theme of this edition, focusing on ports’ involvement in the artistic and cultural scene of their cities. The Port of Venice participates with an urban art project for artistic purposes, titled "ARTEMINAL: a port structure dedicated to contemporary art". The recovered building is located in the ancient waterfront of Venice and was inaugurated during the 56th International Art Exhibition “Biennale Arte”.

The ESPO Award, which was born in 2009 to promote dialogue between the ports and the cities hosting them, continues to provide causes for reflections on the widespread realities of the port-cities (located on the Mediterranean coasts such as in northern Europe present on the coasts of the Mediterranean as in northern Europe) regularly faced with a sometimes difficult territory, aiming not only at a coexistence, but at a true and fruitful relationship.

Espo Award
Espo Award