The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development

Environmental Sustainability


To pursue an environmentally sustainable development means fostering economic growth to provide the needs of the community, while preserving and valorising the natural assets on which the well-being of future generations relies.

The transport of goods and passengers has a significant impact on the environment, especially on air quality, water and noise pollution as well as CO2 emissions that imply a strong need for a more sustainable transport organization.

Ports are central nodes of the logistic chain and can contribute significantly to develop a true multimodal transport system focused on environmentally friendly solutions, encouraging the implementation of more efficient and greener transport policies, not only to face the needs expressed in the present, but also to guarantee the right solutions to the main issues of our future.

Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability

The North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, in order to continuously improve the management of the environmental aspects of its activities, has defined specific objectives, plans and procedures.
Indeed, the sustainable development of the port system of the Veneto Region is the strategic goal of the Three-Year Operational Plan defined in 2017 and the aim of the environmental policy set up in compliance with the most recent ISO 14001.

Thus, our port system is committed to be a sustainable green port, focusing on the enhancing of performances concerning air quality, protection of the Venetian Lagoon, requalification of port areas, alternative fuels (electric, LNG, hybrid) and reduction of energy consumption.

In this framework, the Ports of Venice and Chioggia, also thanks to several European projects related to these issues, invest in refining and developing tools to facilitate CO2 emissions reduction, both offshore and onshore. Moreover, they encourage the entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at enabling energy transition, stimulating circular economy and improving the quality of air, water and soil.

To track and record our progresses along this path, a specific management system has been adopted to monitor the environmental aspects related to port activities, their impacts and the positive effects of green initiatives.