The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development


The competition amongst port systems requires high standards services and an efficient and well organized production chain.

Education at the Port of Venice

The Port Authority is facing this market situation also in the educational and training field, implementing several human resources valorization projects. These project are focused on maritime and logistics jobs and careers, in order to improve professional qualification, sefaty conditions and competitiveness at the Port of Venice. The Port Authority supports three Educational facilities specialized in the logistics and maritime sector:

CFLI - Consorzio Formazione Logistica Intermodale. It offers training and advice services to port operators, shipping companies, maritime agencies, transport companies and to the whole logistics sector. The education provided includes continuing education for workers, training and upgrading for anybody wishes to start a career in the transport and logistics field.

VeMarS - Venice Maritime School. It offers educational and training services respecting the internationl rules settled by the STCW '78-'95 Agreement, focusing on education, upgrading and training of seafarers or anybody wishes to become one of them.

ITS MARCO POLO. The Foundation offers educational paths for Higher Technical Education in the logistics and railway fields. It represents the Port of Venice and of the venetian main Companies, Universities, Associations and Institutions. The ITS paths offer a technical education combined with work-school governative program, thus facilitating the transition from school to work. This paths guarantee a high placement level, with more than 80% students recruited for a job at the end of the program.