The Port of Venice invests on sustainable development

Economic sustainability


Economic sustainability refers to practices that support economic growth in the long-term.
From this point of view, logistics is one of the key factors for growth and ports are nodal points in global supply chains. At the same time, ports must respond to numerous worldwide challenges.
The North Adriatic Sea Port Auhority (NASPA) combines sustainability and development providing a strong efficient economy with an eye on the environment we are based in.

The NASPA aims at making our port system a point of reference at a national level and in line with the best performing ports in the Mediterranean.

To reach this goal, the planning in the medium and long run is focused on a more efficient use of port areas and on the provision of innovative facilities for companies to maximize their performances and reduce their impact and energy consumption at the same time.

More specifically, in the last three years, resources were allocated for the construction of new physical infrastructures (additional road and railway connections rather than a better nautical accessibility), with the development of digital infrastructures and the further automation of port activities. A total of over 118 million euros have been invested, to be added to 215 million € already underway.

Economic sustainability
Economic sustainability

Amongs other actions NASPA  has created a rendering of ports and the main navigation canals that are now projected on the AIS screen of ships; it has improved land connectivity putting several solutions in place and also planning a new rail bridge directly connected to the high-capacity, high-speed line to reduce the train exit time from terminals. The NASPA is developing its own fully-integrated digital port community system, and in the next two years it will have fully automated and digitized system of paperwork and exchange of data on a cloud where private and public bodies will dialogue.

To improve maritime and logistic services offered to the companies located in the catchment area of the Veneto port System, a variety of projects are on the way, also sharing market analysis and promotional activities with port terminals, shipping agents and freight forwarders.