Ealing - European Flagship Action for cold ironing in ports



"Ealing" (European Flagship Action for cold ironing in ports) is a European project funded by the Connecting Europe Facility CEF Program in which the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority, ports of Venice and Chioggia, is a partner with the aim to carry out concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions through the implementation of Onshore Power Supply (OPS) solutions.

Objectives Analysis and expected results

The actions  foreseen in the project aim at contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the "EU Green Deal", for a transport system with low emissions and implementing  the Directive on alternative fuels (DAFI 94/2014) which asks for the creation of electricity supply points for ships in the “core” ports by 31/12/2025. All the ports involved will have, for example, to implement installations for the supply of electricity to ships.

Duration, budget and countries involved

Duration: 1.06/2020 – 30/06/2023
Total budget: The total budget consists in 6,9 million euros co-financed at 50% by European Union funds. 290.000 euros are assigned to the North Adriatic Sea Port Authority in order to develop preliminary technical studies on the infrastructures necessary in the ports of Venice and Chioggia in order to supply electricity to the ships.
Countries involved: The project is coordinated by the Port of Valencia Foundation. Among the project partners there are also Fincantieri as well as ports of Trieste and Ancona, Valencia, Barcelona, Piraeus, Rafina, Koper, Huelva, Gijón, and Black Sea Ports of Burgas and Varna, and the Irish Ports Association.