Development Plan


In this section you will find information on the territorial and municipal development plan and you can also download documentation on:

It is also possible to view the Municipality of Venice’s website page on the On-line territory (click here to visit the page), the Territorial Plan of Provincial Coordination of the Province of Venice (click here), the Regional Territorial Plan of Coordination described on the website of the Veneto Region (click here), on the page Environment and Territory of the Veneto Region (click here), European Commission TEN-T (click here).

The territorial and municipal development plan

As concerns development planning, the Veneto Region started - after signing an understanding with the Ministry of Environmental and Cultural Heritage – a review of the Territorial Regional Plan of Coordination adopted in 2009. Such a review will mainly focus on the scenic importance of the Plan and, in consideration of the changed general social-economic conditions, on an overall update of strategic-territorial contents. The Port Authority also pays close attention to the potential reuse of the near-completion Venice-Padua waterway system as a transportation system.
The Port Authority will continue to give its wealth of ideas and proposals in view of sharing the objectives of growth and development that each Authority, based on its jurisdiction, outlines through its programming and planning tools.
As concerns the relationships with the development plan of the Municipalities which are part of the port scope, Understandings will be signed as established by applicable legislation for the purposes of the final approval of the planning tools. Such understandings shall be functional to the sharing of development projects, to the protection of the port and port-related economic activities and to the compliance with applicable legislation