The Port of Venice boasts a number of advantages, and enjoys a strategical posit
The Port of Venice boasts a number of advantages and enjoys a strategical position.

This makes it the best choice for freight transit in both import and export.

Business opportunities

This small guide will help you contact the right person for further information on business opportunities with the Port of Venice, depending on your specific needs.

I am a freight forwarder

For further information on the services offered by the Port of Venice, e.g. applicable exemptions on transit charges, please contact the terminals directly.

I am interested in real estate (areas and facilities)

For real estate enquiries please contact APV Investimenti: a company owned by the Venice Port Authority, it focuses on the development of land and infrastructure.

If you are interested in state-owned land, please enquire at the Venice Port Authority's State-owned Land Management Unit.

A tug in the Port of Venice
A tug in the Port of Venice

I am a shipowner

To discuss the development of new lines calling at the Port of Venice, please contact the Venice Port Authority's Strategic Planning and Development Unit (Area Pianificazione Strategica e Sviluppo).

To appoint an on-site Ship Agent in the Port of Venice, please contact Venice Shipping Agents Association or Assoagenti Veneto.

I'm looking for a specific service or just general info

A list of the Port's operators can be viewed directly on-line on this website: it provides a full list of the firms working in the port and the services they provide.