BSLE ship left from Venice for Iran

Right on the occasion of President Renzi's official visit to Iran, BSLE ship sailed from Venice - Multiservice. Once again, Venice is the key Port, in connection with Middl East traffics.

BSLE ship (20.500 DWT Multi Purpose, strengthened for heavy cargo, Equipped for containers) left on April 12 from Venetian terminal Multiservice.
BSLE belongs to the maritime company BSLE Italy, connecting Venice with most relevant Ports in Iran and Persian Gulf since 1992.
BSLE Italy service is represented in Venice by G. Radonicich Agency & c., who provided a regular container and breakbulk service even during the embargo.

BSLE ship left from Venice for Iran
BSLE ship left from Venice for Iran
BSLE ship left from Venice for Iran

While the Italian Premier, Mr. Renzi, is on a mission in Iran, Venice confirms to be one of the privileged ports linking Europe and the Middle East and particularly Iran. The service of BSLE Italia, represented in Venice by G. Radonicich &C., is still operating on a regular basis, even during the embargo, exporting various goods, project cargo and plants as well as containers.

The choice made twenty years ago to avail itself of the port of Venice still applies today.
Porto Marghera was (and still is) chosen because of its geographical position in the North Eastern part of Italy and of the physical morphology of its hinterland – free of physical barriers and galleries – offering significant advantages for the export of equipment and project cargo.
A twenty-year long relationship has allowed Venice to build an intensive network of relationships and to develop a crucial know-how which has made the port a privileged hub for trades to and from the Middle East, Persian Gulf and India.

From Venice a constant flow of goods that have added value to the Italian industry on one hand and, on the other, has guaranteed the supply of the necessary materials for the building of infrastructures in Iran through the ports of Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini and Assaluyeh Port has always been in place.

The President of the Venice Port Authority, Prof Paolo Costa, comments on the long-lasting relationship between Venice and Iran: “Aside from the very significant economic value of the plant engineering sector (just think that the project cargo handled in Venice is worth on average 1 million euros each) and in addition to the value of the share of break bulk trade between Venice and the Persian Gulf (today we manage approximately 10% of the break bulk handled by the entire Italian port system), the ship “BSLE Genova” setting off today is an important confirmation of the long-lasting relationship that has turned the Port of Venice into the reference port for this Country even during the most challenging years. The Venice port wishes to keep increasing this trade following the end of the embargo and to the advantage of the Italian and North Eastern companies.”

BSLE ship left from Venice for Iran