Port Authority, Harbourmaster, Health Office, Customs, Law enforcement Agencies.
Port Authority, Harbourmaster, Health Office, Customs, Law enforcement Agencies.

The institutions in the Port of Venice.

Border inspection post of Venice

The Border Inspection Post of Venice is an office reporting to the Ministry of Health with functions in the area of the veterinary inspection of products of animal origin (foodstuffs and by-products) and feed for animal consumption.

Community Border Inspection Posts

The introduction into the European Union of live animals and animal by-products from Third Countries is dependent on the issuance of an authorisation by the official veterinary services of the EU country of entry.

For reasons of animal health and to safeguard public health, these procedures are performed on a mandatory basis upon the entrance of animals and goods in EU territory.

For this reason, in the early 1990’s, the European Union provided for the establishment in all major Community ports, airports and land borders of veterinary offices called Border Inspection Posts (BIPs)

Venice’s Border Inspection Post is a local office reporting to the Ministry of Health and is a crucial part of the Community’s network of Border Inspection Posts.

BIPs are characterised by high levels of integration also thanks to the use of shared IT systems, including TRACES (integrated computerised veterinary system) and RASFF (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) .

BIPs are approved and regularly monitored by the European Commission in an effort to standardise structural and operational practices.

The functions of the BIPs include veterinary checks on live animals, animal products and feed for animal consumption, monitor customs warehouses, catering activities and food waste disposal procedures inside Community Ports and Airports.

BIPs also provide technical and operational support to Customs to contrast the illegal importation of animals and animal by-products.

The Border Inspection Post of Venice

Community BIPs are authorised to control certain categories of products or animals depending on their structural arrangement and the equipment available.

The European Commission constantly updates the list of Community BIPs, and the categories they are permitted to control, through dedicated Decisions.

Pursuant to Dec.09/821/CE, the BIP in the port of Venice is allowed to inspect refrigerated and frozen food of animal origin, and by-products at room temperature.

A new facility is currently being built to fulfil the community requirements for the health inspection of all types of product.

The main offices of Venice’s BIP are in Fondamenta Zattere in the lagoon city’s historical centre.

Inspection activities are performed in the inspection centres:

  • port inspection centre c/o VECON SpA container terminal at Porto Marghera (certified for refrigerated and frozen food, for by-products to be stored at room temperature and animal feed);
  • airport inspection centre c/o the freight terminal at the Marco Polo airport of Venice (certified for refrigerated and frozen food, for by-products to be refrigerated or stored at room temperature (packed products only)and animal feed);
  • inspection point c/o the Port of Chioggia, certified for feed of vegetable and mineral origin.


Ministry of Health – Border Inspection Post of Venice
Fondamenta Zattere  1416,  30123 Venezia
Tel.: 041.5221049
Fax: 041.5210213
E-mail: pif.venezia@sanita.it

Opening hours

Mondays to Fridays: from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
                Saturdays: from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.