ANNA - Advanced National Networks for Administrations (2012-EU-21019-S)


The ANNA project is oriented to create the framework conditions where the mandatory EU requirements for national Maritime Single Windows (MSW) are fulfilled in time and are compliant with IMO requirements. Indeed, ANNA facilitate and foster an effective and sustainable development of Maritime Single Windows, by allowing smooth interaction of data between the user and national administrations involved (recognizing  existing partial systems) and by optimally meeting the needs of the maritime industry. In practical terms, ANNA supports ICT based system integration in Maritime Single Window developments within the participating countries (between the various services/administrations)  to allow for suitable communication between the national systems.
In this scenario, Venice Port Authority participate in the initiative by carrying out a pilot project intended for ICT equipping of Marghera gates and for the management of gate-in /gate-out procedures.

Project duration: January 2012 – December 2015
Project budget (total): € 37.076.000,00

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Logo AnNA