Accessibility of the Port of Venice: conditio sine qua non for the competitiveness of the special items industry


In terms of accessibility, infrastructural capability, operational capacities and strategic location the Port of Venice is the reference hub for the handling of special items of a large production area covering all of Northern Italy, with districts boasting excellences in the industrial plant engineering sector.

An average of 1000 non-standard pieces transit through Venice every year, including those from the largest world plants. This activity may be appraised, for the value of cargoes only, between 700 and 1000 million euros a year.

Considering the value of this industry for the entire Country and the leading position of the port in the sector, the Venice Port Authority  performed an analysis of the factors which may positively or negatively affect this type of traffic in order to implement actions to guarantee its leadership.

The analysis - assigned to the University of Padua, Department of Construction and Transports - was performed as part of the EMPIRIC project (financed by the European programme CENTRAL EUROPE) of which APV is the lead partner. From that analysis it emerges that the conditio sine qua non for the thriving and development of the sector is the absence of road accessibility constraints to the port on which Venice – unlike other Italian ports – has always relied since there are no tunnels, slopes and constraints of any kind to enter port infrastructures.

Immagine del Segretario Generale dell'Autorità Portuale di Venezia mentre introd
Gecretary General of the Venice Port Authority introducing the seminar
Immagine scattata durante il seminario tecnico

The theme was covered by the technical seminar “Accessibility of the Port of Venice: conditio sine qua non for the competitiveness of the special items industry” .

During the event the outcomes of the study on the itineraries and routes for road accessibility of special items were illustrated; the study made sure that the performances of the road and railway network meet this requirement and supplies the parameters to keep them or increase them.

The event, which was attended by numerous players of the project cargo sector, was held to promote dialogue with competent Authorities on the need to count on certain logistic/infrastructural conditions, to let the special load arrive promptly and at a low cost at the Port of Venice, as a connection with foreign markets.

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You can download the analysis of the University of Padua from this link