2nd December - London


The Venice Port Authority submitted the off shore-on shore terminal project  to the international financial community during a seminar held at the Italian Embassy in London “We have all but finished – President Paolo Costa declared at the end of the meeting -  “the project is approved from a technical, environmental perspective, it has a reasonably stable financial structure; this project is crucial: it will save the port of Venice, thus meeting the commitment that the State had made to protect the city and its lagoon". Reminding that the next step will be the presentation at the Cipe event, the President stated that he also noticed moderate interest from the potential investors attending the meeting: the plan revolves around a public-private partnership. The total value of the work is estimated at 2.1 billion euros. This figure allegedly includes 600 million euros earmarked by the State within a 5-year interval, on the condition that a private investment of equal or higher amount will be made. Contractor and manager of the Terminal will only be identified subject to the transparent mechanism of international calls for tenders that will be supported by the European Union.

A presentation slide
A presentation slide