2016 Green Port Conference in Venice


The Port of Venice will be hosting the 2016 edition of the Green Port Conference from 11 to 14 October 2016.
The Green Port Conference, that is divided between Green Port Cruise (on 11 October) and Green Port Congress (12-14 October), will be an opportunity for meetings, interactions and debates between port authorities, terminal operators, shipping companies and logistic operators on sustainable development, environmental practices and the necessary changes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Hosting the Green Port event is a recognition of all the investments made by the Port of Venice in the environmental field.
In fact, with regards to Venice being "host port" of the Green Port Conference 2016, the President of the Port Authority Paolo Costa commented "Venice is a natural choice to host this event to the extent that the city and its lagoon are a site of national interest and world heritage, hence the development of economic activities - including port activities - shall abide by a number of restrictions which encouraged public and private partners to find innovative solutions to environmental problems. I'm sure that the conference will help share all the best practices set to facilitate the adoption of actual actions for the competitiveness of the fleet, its efficiency and sustainability, in order to offer such environmental advantages as requested by the more stringent regulations that will be enforced and by the latest directives of the European Union”.
For almost three years the Port of Venice has been engaged in a number of activities (projects, studies and interventions) to promote the use of LNG as alternative fuel both for port activities and land transport. Venice is in fact becoming the logistic hub of LNG in the Northern Adriatic sea.

Green Port Conference 2016