2010 Open Port Initiative: Summer camp students of Marghera visit the port

The Venice Port Authority guided 11 to 14 year old students attending summer camps in Marghera to discover the port as part of the "Let's discover the Sea, Rivers and Lakes" initiative of the "Marghera Estate" programme.

The Port Authority has once again taken an active role in bringing the port closer to the city by inviting a group of young students to discover the areas and facilities of the port. This time the port invited the middle school students enrolled in the “Marghera 2010 summer camps” which are part of the a broader initiative called “Marghera Estate”, now at its 30th edition.

It was an opportunity for the Port Authority to work closely with the local authorities of Venice Marghera who organise the event and to add new activities to the regular summer camp programmes, all of which focus on the topic of “Let's discover the Sea, Rivers and Lakes”.

These activities also fulfil the aims of the Open Port initiatives that are held regularly throughout the year and that are especially tuned to schools located in Venice and its surroundings.

It was decided, together with the Municipality of Marghera, that the Port Authority would host the students during one of the camp's planned weekly outings and show them the passenger and the commercial ports, and then take them on a boat trip to see the Marittima and Porto Marghera from the sea.

Summer camp students of Marghera visit the port
Summer camp students of Marghera visit the port