2010 Open Port Initiative: Festival of the Water

The Port of Venice encourages students to become acquainted with the edge of the lagoon through sports during the 2010 edition of the Festival of the Water (Festa dell'Acqua).

For the second year running, the Venice Port Authority has helped organise the Festival of the Water and has included it in its “2010 Open Port Initiative”.

The Festival of the Water is organised by the non-profit Association UP Sport Veneto and is sponsored and supported by all main local institutions as part of a project to encourage knowledge of the city's water environment through sport.

The aim of the project's founders is to encourage the practice of water sports (canoeing, kayak, dragon boat, sailing, Venetian rowing) while also teaching the history and environment of the lagoon.

Targeting students of the schools on Venice's mainland, the project contributes to their awareness of their lagoon surroundings.

The event takes place in the water facing Punta San Giuliano and includes races and contests where the students will be able to show off what they have learned in the classroom.

Festival of the water
Festival of the water